Competitors Firebase Contentful Cosmicjs
open source Yes No No No No
self-hosting Yes No No No No 
customizable content types Yes  No Yes No No
workflows Yes 


Publish/Archive No 


role-based granular permissions Yes  No  Coarse No  Yes
event/trigger/action-based rules
(e.g. email notifications, automated transitions, etc)
Yes  Webhooks  Webhooks Webhooks No 
file storage Yes  Yes Yes   No 
on-demand resizing of images Yes  with Google App Engine  Yes Yes No 
support for multilingual content translation Yes  No  Yes Premium No 
content versioning Yes  No  Yes No No 
indexing and search Yes  Yes  Yes No  No 
user-friendly hierarchical URLs Yes No  No No No 
LDAP / ActiveDirectory user accounts Yes  Yes 3rd party No  No
OAuth2 SSO Yes  Yes Yes No  No